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Martin Silva – UNTITLED (available on the Finchy-app)

We’re no experts on art. Maybe you aren’t either. But we do believe that you can become an expert on what you love; its about knowing the artists you like and finding the works you love.


Welcome to Finchy


Main Features

Finchy is changing the status quo by making art accessible in a way that matches 21sth century’s communication- and accessibility standards. Its in-app, its free and its way more fun then going to a gallery and looking at artwork you’ll never be able to afford.

The app gives you the opportunity to discover, sell, buy or rent art whenever and wherever you like. First wanna try? Renting is part payment. Rent a piece for a while and pay the remaining amount if you want to keep it.  

We believe in making art accessible to everyone. That’s why both artists and art enthusiasts can use Finchy free of charge. Only when a transaction is made we collect a 10% commission fee.

You can save the works you love and share them directly with your friends on social media. Or even better, by choosing your favorite works you can start your own in-app art collection right from the start.  

The unique chat feature offers the possibility to contact your favourite artists directly. You can ask them about their work or even setup a meeting to get the real-life art experience.

Finchy is the easiest way to discover amazing artists within your own neighborhood. By allowing you to choose the maximum search range, Finchy facilitates a truly local art experience.

Finchy is the quickest way to decorate your walls with the most amazing pieces. Just swipe, chat and buy or rent the works you love. You decide on what you like, what you can afford and on how far you are willing to travel.


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Upload instructions for artists

1) Download the app
2) Register as an artist
3) Fill out your personal information and confirm your email adress
4) Click on  in your profile page and add an art object.
5) Your art object is being reviewed by our independent art pannel

The Finchy Team

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Roeland Menger
Business development

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Benjamin de Kruijf
Brand development

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Tessa de Leede

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Jorrit Oosterhof
App development

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Cecile van Lanschot
Communication & Sales

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